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"Do not believe just because wise men say so.

Do not believe just because it has always been that way.

Do not believe just because others may believe so.

Examine and experience Yourself. " The Buddha

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  • Fancy a holiday in India but dont want the hassle? We'll Tailor Make one for you
  • India too far for a yoga holiday? Ashtanga Yoga in Andalucia

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If I was to tell you that the whole world is energy, that you are energy, your computer is energy, your life is energy, you'd probably say...'so what?'

And what if I was to say that by understanding this, by experiencing this, by working with this, you could change all the things in your life that you weren't happy about - Your job? Your financial situation? Your relationships? Your health? Ultimately, your Self.

Still 'so what?' How about a little holiday while we figure it out? You KNOW there's more to life than you're getting. And there really are ways of getting there. Don't listen to me, I got no answers, try it out for your Self...



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